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Windows XP Professional...

rebooted my computer and after the Windows screen it goes black, then starts the process over again. the booting devices are SATA, DVD/CD, and the USB optionns. None are making it work. Help?
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  1. Anyoneeee?
  2. 1) Specs?
    2) Did you try booting into Safe Mode yet?
    3) Did you try running scandisk on startup?

    Typically, dark screen after booting through the Windows screen usually means a bad device/driver. Did you disconnect all your USB peripherals before booting?
  3. safe mode does the same thing. it tries to read these things called "USB Reader CD" "USB reader CF" etc on startup.

    what do you mean by running scandisk on start up?
  4. Does your machine have a flash memory reader? If so, disconnect the reader and reboot. I'm not saying this is the problem, but it is a USB device.
  5. It sounds like your computer is getting the BSOD and has the automatic system restart upon crashing parameter enabled (you can check to see if this is the case, typically by repeatedly hitting "F8" as your system starts up). If this is the case, you can do a google search on the stop error information to better discern the issue. Hardware-wise though, it could be RAM, video card, HDD, or any new installed peripheral. Honestly, this sounds more like the handy work of a virus to me. Chances are, it has corrupted/deleted the registry files required to load Windows. As it seems though, your computer is passing the POST (Power-On Self Test), starts to load Windows and then reboots.
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