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Greetings, this is my first time here and I'm hoping to get some light shed on a problem with a brand new Asus 5850 ATI card bought recently.

I run an Asus P5K Black Pearl mobo with 4Gb of Geil DDR ram on a Windows 7 64-bit professional OS. Before this card I used to have a BFG GTX285 which went phut on me and after a stupid amount of hassle from BFG support, I finally was sent a GTX285 replacement (brand new) - after rejecting all the recon cards that kept failing.

I vowed to sell this card and go the ATI route. But I find the 5850 (run on standard drivers and all the way to the beta 10.3 drivers) keeps acting oddly when running GTA IV. On start up the game stutters badly akin to horrendous lag. Previous to this 5850, as a stand in card I was using a GTX260, which ran everything without a hitch.

My psu is a Dark Pro BeQuiet 750w unit, which by all accounts is compatible with the 5850 according to ATI's website. I have noticed the 12v rail only shows 11.85 without load, and drops to 11.77 under load.

Anyone has any ideas? I've uninstalled the ATI and am back running the GTX260 atm - again, without problems.

And yes, before installing the ATI I did remove ALL nvidia software and drivers.
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  1. did you use a program like driversweeper to clear out all the old NVidia drivers.

    I had to do this when going from my 8800GT
    Might have to run safe mode to be sure to get them all (sorry if not how its done in Win7 - not quite gone there yet)

    My Asus 5850 runs great on my Asus P5K Black Pearl mobo with 4GB OCZ RAM

    My Seasonic 500w PSU supplies 11.93v on the 12v rail

    You should be good after the proper clear out of thoe old drivers if you haven't already tried this type of a driver remover program (run after a normal uninstall of the drivers.)

    My setup on Win XP Pro SP2 works great in all the games I have tried so far - sorry don't have GTA IV though to test mine on...

    Good Luck :)
  2. Pailin

    Many thanks for the reply and info - shall download 'driversweeper' asap. I'd love to get this sorted as I think the 5850 is a cracking card, so would love to get it running.

    I'll keep you updated about this issue, until then, I shall continue my search for solutions to this dilemma.
  3. Cool man, I think it should run smooth for you.

    My card really shines with a little OC I have to say.

    My FarCry2 @ 1920x1080 4xAA Ultra Settings went from avg 31 - 35ish to 55

    by changing from

    725/4000 1.087v stock to 875/4800 1.2v

    Going by game play with FRAPS from the save I tested it at driving in UniMog through Jungle scenery.
  4. Could you tell me, have you had to do anything in your bios after you installed your 5850?

    Also, where do I find the voltage tweak? And what OC did you do and was it via the mobo or the software that comes with the driver?

    Sorry to be asking so many questions, but this is the first ATI card I've owned, being a former die-hard nVidia guy.
  5. Good Morning,

    You need to install the latest version of SmartDoctor from the Asus web site as it is probably a lot newer than what came on the CD. It is a little utility that is separate from the driver that allows you to set your own clock settings for your OC and also allows you to tweak your fan speeds + it saves your settings after your next restart too.

    The latest CCC 10.3 driver is now out also and gives some nice speed improvements over the 10.2 I hear :)

    The 5850 Stock speeds of 725GPU Core and 4000 Memory with 1.087volts on the GPU are pretty good - but some OCing provides some nice results.

    You should try OCing just the GPU Core 1st.

    I did this while running Furmark in a window.
    and also GPU-Z (Downloads button at bottom of page) which monitors everything you could want to see about your 5850 + can log it to a file so you can see what was happening at the moment of a complete crash with system restart. Open this in Excel and it will layout the text file to be easily read.

    The once set up, start gradually increasing GPU clock Speed till she crashes. then up the Voltage 0.025v and try again till you get to a speed you are happy with ^^

    Now test in some games and see how she goes - you may find that you will get a crash show up that Furmark didn't show up. Then check the log file and see if things all looked normal - then lower clock or increase voltage a tad more.

    The cards auto fan speeds work fine for lower clocks, but for higher clocks and voltages you should Open the Fan Control in SmartDoctors settings and Enable SmartCooling and make up your own profile to help keep things a little cooler.

    My card @ 875/4800 1.2v runs at about a steady 81c with Auto Fan settings which most people think is fine and is very quiet still - 36% fan speed.

    They say most speed comes from OCing the core, but once don there try upping the memory speeds too some. 4600 should be a pretty easy speed for this card. As mentioned mine seems happy so far at 4800


    Though I have not tried it yet, many people prefer to use MSI AfterBurner - similar to SmartDoctor but with some more features maybe like saveable fan profiles etc.

    To make it do what we need, you need to make a quick mod to its config file:

    MSIAfterburner.cfg with Notepad

    change "EnableUnofficialOverclocking = 0"


    "EnableUnofficialOverclocking = 1"

    this should enable you to OC past the CCC limitations with this software.

    And lastly,

    Good Luck ~_^
  6. Well my friend,

    Ran driversweeper and got shot of all nVidia software. Rebooted then installed the 10.3 beta drivers for my card and fired up GTA IV - it worked fine! No stuttering! You are a diamond for helping me out on this one.

    I must say, though, I have not installed any of the Asus software from the disk. I wonder if they could have been causing problems?

    I was surprised, however, to discover the memory runs at 256bit, as opposed to 512bit on the GTX285OCX.

    Thank you again, Pailin ... will check out the suggested software in your post.

    Watch this space ...
  7. Cool, glad that worked out well for you ^^

    Don't install any of the software from the discs - get the newest versions from the Asus website, like SmartDoctor.
    The standard CCC from AMD/ATi which I am sure you are using is best for the drivers.

    285 - 2484mem speed x 512bit / 8 = 158.9GB/s

    5850 - 4000 x 256 / 8 = 128GB/s
    5850 OC'd - 4800 x 256 / 8 = 153GB/s
    5850 OC'd - 5000 x 256 / 8 = 160GB/s

    I had vaugely heard somewhere that the 5850 gets the biggest gains from OCing the core so guess they have the memory subsystem pretty sorted.
    Even @ stock speeds the 5850 still beats out the 285 by 8 - 15% in many benchmarks.
    Once pushed a little, is a beautiful little card :)
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