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CPU Fan stuck on minimum?

Last response: in CPUs
June 25, 2010 3:26:46 AM

Hello, I have a Phenom 955 BE with a Rocketfish cooler. No matter what I do, I cannot get the fan off of minimum which causes my computer to run at 60C which is the max safe temp... Please help me I'm scared of frying my cpu. It's not power supply I don't think.

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June 25, 2010 11:53:51 AM

you're not going to fry your CPU anywhere near that temperature.

First off, try disabling all the fan controls and things like Cool n Quiet in your BIOS to see if the fan spins up to full speed. If it does (and it's not too loud) then you could just leave it I guess, otherwise turn them all back on again and see what happens.

Do you put your system under any significant load? It's likely the fans aren't spinning up because they don't need to - thats Cool n Quiet again. Try downloading Prime95 to load up your CPU 100% and see if the fans spin up.

It's also possible that the fan cable is a bit ddgy so it's not getting the required signals or power through to spin up when needed.
June 25, 2010 8:07:23 PM

Do you know what type your CPU fan is (e.g. DC or PWM)?
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a c 105 à CPUs
June 25, 2010 8:55:32 PM

60c is not the max safe temp, your CPU can go higher and still operate safely. don't know where you got that figure from

is it hitting 60c at load or idle?

FYI, the rocketfish cooler is really a Coolermaster TX3 sold under the best buy name.
June 25, 2010 9:08:29 PM

Thanks for all the tips I was playing gmod and my cpu was at like 72 and fans still on minimum. What I did was plug it into the case fan 3-pin and it runs on full the whole time... it's still messed up though and I still am trying to find an answer.
a c 105 à CPUs
June 25, 2010 9:34:48 PM

you could get a single fan controller, they cost $10

you could set the fan to whatever speed you like

*also, check what your CPU fan is set to in BIOS
a c 203 à CPUs
June 25, 2010 9:34:52 PM

shawn157 said:
What I did was plug it into the case fan 3-pin
CPU fan plugged into the 3 pin case fan header and not the cpu fan header?
That might have something to do with your situation.
June 25, 2010 10:02:49 PM

Look I can't control it in the 4-pin so to ensure I don't overheat I put it in the 3-pin. Also can you link a fan controller?

Best solution

a c 105 à CPUs
June 25, 2010 10:10:31 PM

here's a PCI slot one

this one is 3.5" bay unit

obviously newegg, tigerdirect, etc., carry them also and there are more expensive units that can controller multi-case fans.
June 25, 2010 10:43:06 PM

thanks man
June 25, 2010 11:06:45 PM

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