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Hi guys i am using the corsair h60 with my fx 6300. I wanted to get it up to 4.0ghz but couldnt get it stable @1.325volts so i just decided to go back to stock voltage and speed. My temps at idle are 17C and 35C running prime95 aswell as OCCT. Are the temps good?
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  1. You must have a very cold room at idle you cpu should be several degrees C above room temperature. 14C=57F

    Seems to me that your temperature readouts are inaccurate.
  2. Good!?!?! They're great for a pseudo watercooling unit! Then again I'd give benefit of the doubt to having:
    a| a very cold room with an ambient of maybe 6C
    b| your temp readouts are inaccurate

    you could prove us wrong by sharing a screen shot of your temps and also mentioning your temp monitoring tools. Wouldn't hurt to include your system specs in the mix as well :)
  3. More interested in the load temps. Run Prime95 for an hour or two and report those numbers

  4. Those were taken on CoreTemp and HW Monitor Pro.
    I am not using the 2013 edition of the h60. I will run prime and post pictures

  5. Ok this is after an hour of prime.

    My system specs are the following:
    ATI Radeon HD 6850
    AMD FX 6300
    ASROCK 990FX Extreme4 Motherboard
    Corsair H60 Cooler
    Corsair GS700 PSU
    8gb DDR3 1333 Ram
  6. cool :D hmmm ... try run 4 hours you will now
  7. That's pretty decent for a AIC unit. Hopefully the AICs become the gateway to custom loops... :D
  8. :lol: I know what you mean mate! I went from a bogus H50 CLC to a custom loop :P
  9. I know and this h60 was actually a huge bargain for me. I bought it refurbished from for 40 dollars. Really good considering it is running like a champ :D.
  10. Wait till the ambient temps rise :) then you'll be in for a real treat.
  11. Yep, once your ambient temps rise you will see not so favorable temperatures. I'm running a custom water loop with an overkill amount of radiator, for my lower heat output 3570k, and I'm getting a ~40°C idle temperatures cause it is so damn hot where I am right now.
    Ambient temps are everything when it comes to cooling unless you go nuts with Peltiers or Phase Change.
  12. Kinda weird though cuz my ambient temps are around 20c to 25c, so it is weird that i am getting 16-18c idle
  13. Yeah that is weird - you're temp probes are wacky mate. Maybe remove the cooling block and reseat with a fresh application of TIM.
  14. Check the bios temp readings if you wouldn't mind.
  15. bios shows 35-37
  16. I will reapply thermal paste tomorrow and post back
  17. armaan56 said:
    bios shows 35-37

    These temps seem much more reasonable for an H60.
  18. I know, its just pretty weird that hwmonitor and core temp show 17C
  19. Best answer
    armaan56 said:
    bios shows 35-37

    Yeah well that's a lot more realistic for h60 idle temps, for temps @ 16 - 17c your room would have to be in the 40 - 60 farenheit range, you may want to check what you have your TJ max set to in the hardware monitor your using since they find your temperatures by subtracting distance to TJ max - TJ max, or grab a IR thermometer if you want to be really safe, still at 35 - 37 you have nothing to worry about if you start idling over 55 then thats when you should start knocking the voltage down a bit 60 - 70 in prime is ok high 70's you should start getting a little worried
  20. Alright thanks you guys
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