Can't open bios, HP compaq presario.

It says F10 for setup, which Ill guess is HP's way of disguising Bios.

I press it, like Im gonna win a prize.

So I tried delete

The computer itself is fine, and is already up and running.
confuzzled. :sweat:

35 views, no replies.

Either no one knows, or its so stupidly easy everyone thinks Im trolling.

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  1. You may not be pressing it at that right time, or if you have a USB keyboard, it may not work until the PC loads the OS if the PC's BIOS does not have native USB support.
    You can try with a PS2 keyboard, if you have an old one laying around.

    On another note, if you do get into the BIOS, there is not much there you can do except change the date and time, the BIOS on these is pretty basic with almost no options at all. Why do you need to get into the setup?
  2. Someone I know recommended setting something in there to make a single core sempron 140 into a dual.

    figured it was worth a shot.

    Also, its probably the USB thing completely forgot about that.
  3. Yeah, don't want to be negative about it, but that is just not going to happen with your HP.
  4. Lol, why not?
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