I7 heatsink on an amd phenom processor?

Does anyone know if it would work? Have an extra i7 heatsink and thinking of building an AM3 based system. I know its not supposed to fit but has anyone tried to or am I being to cheap?
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  1. I doubt a stock one would. Alot of the aftermarket ones have compatibility for both. So, maybe?

    And an AM3 CPU would come with a stock cooler, so I'm not really sure where you're going with this.
  2. The cpu I was looking at does not have a stock amd cooler with it:
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    The problem is the mounting hardware. If the i7 heatsink is an original Intel unit, you are unfortunately out of luck.

    Aftermarket HSF's are compatible because they include several sets of mounting hardware.
  4. Dude, you cannot fit an original stock i7 cooler from intel to an AMD build

    but if you have a aftermarket cooler, then check its socket compatibility list
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  6. thanks for info, will likely buy aftermarket unit off ebay.
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