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I had a lot of stuff stored on the verbatim external hard drive and it looks like after a back-up performed last night it has changed the name of the verbatim to New H and the stuff is no longer on there! HELP!
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  1. Try running recuva on the drive, and see what it can recover.
  2. Thank you, i found out about recuva from another site. I'm mid way through running the scan...It's been running a while and only 20 minutes until it's finished so fingers crossed!!
  3. Just got the files but there are thousands and it looks as though you have to go in to every one of them to see exactly what the file is!! Surely there must be a simpler way? It was Nero Back-it-Up that was installed on the Verbatim and it's that program that has caused me this issue!!
  4. apparently the drive was formatted prior to doing the back-up (which happened overnight without my knowledge!). Does anyone know how to unformat a hard drive?
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    There are actually quite a few software products on the web that enable you to perform an unformat function. Just do a search on Google and you should be able to find one.

    Thank you, i'lll have a look now! No really a techno person myself so all of his is quite new to me! I haven't accepted that i have lost all of my info so i'm hopeful that there is a solution for me out there somewhere!
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