PCI-E slot problem

Okay, I just cleaned my PC today and now I'm having problems with my video card. It seems my PCI-E slot is damaged and my PC can't detect any video card installed (ATI 5570). This only happened minutes ago.

Prior that, my video card was working, it just takes 20-30 seconds before it posts. I tried my older video card (GeForce 8500GT but is nearly dead, busted capacitors) but that too isn't working.

My question: Is my video card dead or is it the PCI-E slot?

System specs:
E6550 @ stock
ASUS P5KPL-VM G31 chipset
Radeon 5570
HEC 550w PSU

EDIT: Need to clarify things. When I said that my PC takes 20-30 seconds before it posts, it was after I assembled the parts after cleaning. Prior cleaning my PC, it posts normally (10-20 seconds from powering up to windows logon screen)
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  1. You may gotten some dust in the slot. Take the card out and blow in the slot.
  2. Take a magnifier and look for any little detail around the northbridge and PCIe slot. If there's any, your MoBo might be in bad shape. Hopefully the card didn't suffer any troubles.

  3. Sorry for the late reply, it was already midnight when I last posted.

    I don't see any burn marks or anything near the northbridge or the PCI-E slot front of the mobo and back. Anyway what am I supposed to be looking for?

    I think my video card is still working. Both of my video cards still spin their fan when they are plugged in. Anyway I'll try my 5570 with a friends PC to test it.

    Anymore suggestions?
  4. Oh, right. I forgot... It's very unusual, but sometimes BIOSes need to be flashed for new cards to get working right. Maybe this is one of those cases, so take a look at the MoBo maker's page.

    Another thing I can think of, is that your PSU might be having issues with power. I don't know how to measure this without putting it on another PC.

  5. My bios is already the last one ASUS released so I'm stuck on that part. I still have not tested my video card but I'll do that first thing tomorrow morning.

    I also don't think its the power supply as I haven't experienced any rproblems, besides both of my video cards are low on power and does not require a 6 pin. But I'll also check it tomorrow on my friend's PC.

    By the way, how do I test my power supply? Do I just plug it on a different rig and test if it runs or do I need any tools like a voltmeter or something?
  6. Plug it like it's supposed to work on the other PC.

    That will tell you if it's indeed a defective MoBo or Video card.

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