Graphics card not configured correctly

My dxdiag says that i have directx11 but my windows experience index says i have directx10. I think i have downloaded the latest driver and have installed all updates for my 64 bit windows 7 but it only recognises my5850 card as directx10. What can i do to configure it correctly?
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  1. Maybe the windows app doesn't display the info correctly. Do you have a video game around to test DX11 features?

    Anyway, dxdiag is over anything else IMO.

  2. i keep updating the windows experience index and it says dx10, ms office 2010 also says it is outdated but games say confused why windows experience index wont recognise it, i keep updating the test.
  3. Look at it this way: that number, from windows index, doesn't give you a gaming experience by itself. Now, games do, and they DO give you info about the card being DX11 capable. IMO, just don't worry and enjoy the card with your games.

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