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Hello, i just got my Fatality headset (the wire version). I was expecting the sound output to be better, or atleast as good as my speakers, but instead all i got was a flat sounding game. I have only tried Assassins Creed so far, but everything about it just sounds crappy now, it has no bass, no depth, the footsteps sound like someone crumbled a paper, etc.

Is it just that AS2 doesn't support this headset? Or do i need to configure it? I couldn't find any configurations.

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  1. The AS2 is headset-agnostic... So do you use any sound card?
  2. Its USB; it ignores your soundcard.
  3. not all fatality headset is USB.

    to the OP: can you give me the exact model of your headset?

    and whats AS2?
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