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I have this motherboard and I have this case . The motherboard has been physically installed in the case but when I went to connect the power button, the led lights, and the few other similar connections I just couldn't find where to connect them. In the new case all of these are small seperate cables but in the case the mobo came from ( ) all of those were bundled together. Any advice/direction will be greatly appreciated.
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    I clicked on "motherboard description" to get a blueprint of the board. Looks like the pins are next to the sata ports. There's a total of 9 pins to use (jr3 white id?). Try the power switch first. Should be on the 4 pin side of the nine pin cluster. All your case connectors are low voltage, so it won't hurt anything if you are wrong. The power switch and power led are normally next to each other; the reset and hd led are next to each other on the 5 pin side of the cluster. When all the case led's work, then you will know you have them installed the right way.
  2. Here's an 'atypical' layout. I looked at the blurry layout image and the header seems to be in the bottom right corner.

  3. Thank you very much I will be attempting to follow your advice as soon as I get home in 5-6 hours. It is particularly appreciated that you mentioned that it won't hurt anything as I am new to this and unintentional damage is presently my greatest fear. Thanks to you both, I will post back with results.
  4. The 'image' from HP appears to have this header flipped 180 degrees {e.g. Speaker on the bottom}.
  5. The LED white wires are generally the negative leads and the colored leads the positive. Connecting the LED's backwards will not hurt them. They just won't illuminate. The switches are nonpolarized.
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  7. Turns out this problem might not exactly be solved. The power button turns the power on but cannot turn it off (the computer doesn't display anything) the reset button does nothing, the case lights work, but the power button light does not. Anyone who wants to take a stab at helping me with my more overarching problem please go here:
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