Need help with DNS issue--Router, Win7, Modem problem?

My internet network connectivity has been hampered by DNS problems ever since I've introduced a router to add wireless ability, though there may have been issues before that, but not nearly as much.

I'm using a Motorla Surfboard Modem>Belkin G Wireless router>desktop and I access the wireless signal using my iPhone, laptop, and hopefully the PS3.

Far too often I'll want to access a widely used page (Youtube, Google, Facebook) or something with less traffic and I'll incur a "DNS server is not responding. Server cannot be found". The PS3 won't pick up the wirless signal citing DNS issues.

This is a problem that is too much too ignore and I'm wondering if there is a workaround.

Any guidance would be appreciated----very frustrated.
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  1. Have you checked router compatibility with the PS3? Not all wireless routers are compatible with the PS3 unfortunately.
  2. No, not yet, I think I've found a solution to that anyway—connection via a long ethernet cord I just found. There will still be hiccups I imagine.

    The PS3 serves to highlight he fact that DNS problems are he'll. Is this normal for anyone trying this kind of networking setup? So far my inquiries seem to offer no easy answer.
  3. I have actually spoke too soon as my PS3 doesn't like my router and won't connect.

    (I'm going to pursue this more earnestly very soon, just got a little sick this weekend)
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