HELP!!! I'm Burning Up!!! Very Scary CPU and GPU Temps :'(

I have been having some very frightening CPU and GPU temps of late with my custom rig. I'm have NZXT Nemesis Elite Case with a EVGA 790i FTW! edition motherboard, an Intel Q9400 Dual Core Quad, 8gb of G. Skill Trident DDR3 2000 ram and I am running SLI with 2 EVGA 260GTX graphics cards. I am not doing any overclocking at all. I had to go with this mid tower because of lack of space in my computer room and because of where I had to place it my case doesn't get the greatest airflow either. I would like to put in liquid cooling, but I don't really have any experience with it so I'm not sure what would work with my system, or who a good manufacturer would be. Can someone help me? If I missed any information that may be needed let me know. Any suggestions are welcome.

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  1. What temps are you getting?
  2. did it change or always ran hot? more powerfull fans and a greater number of fans droped my cpu temps to 71C from 80C+ on my i7 (overclocked 920D0). I replaced both the case exaust fan and the fan in my heatsink with kaze slipstreams (110cfm of so) then also straped an additional slip stream to the front of my heatsink. Also is it very dusty in the case? Is your fan/heatsink clogged with dust? Hope this helps. FYI I think next time I will go with liquid cooling. All you need is a DC pump, cooling block, radiator and tubing. They also make kits like:

    but expensive.

    note; the temps above are full load running 8 threads of prime 95. idle is at 36-38 deg C
  3. I was having a horrible time with temps on my 780i MoBo, and q9550. Temps were idling in the mid 50's in the worst case with no oc. To solve the issue I got one of these: . Then set it up so it would blow the hot air from the CPU out the back where I also mounted a 120mm 2500RPM case fan to help blow the hot air out. The result: idling in the low 30's and max temp at 56c after a few hours of 100% on all four cores...

    Your results may vary though...

    EDIT: the results are with an oc of 3.4Ghz, too; about 20% above spec.
  4. Just my 2 cent but I am surprised you haven't had thermal meltdown >.< that's a extremely heat intense build and having all that crammed in a mid tower with 3 120mm fans is asking for trouble. Might wanna look at taking a video card out and seeing how it runs or maybe looking into a better case. Not to mention with so few fan vents for the case to start with you said it don't get good air flow anyway with it location so basiclly you have a oven. I mean you could try changing out the cpu fan and all that good stuff but its still needs a way to vent out and it sounds like it dont have it
  5. 70-90C under load for my GPU's which I have been told isn't that bad but if that were true I wouldn't get video lag and graphical glitching when my GPU temps are there and my CPU is not. My cpu has been running 60-70C underload (my temp warning goes off at 65). This didn't start happening until just recently when the weather started to warm up. As for the dust not I problem I am constantly cleaning it with compressed air and so on I spent 2K building this monster and making it look pretty there isn't anyway I am going to let it collect dust lol.
  6. Frag you answered your own question this started when your weather started heating up. I live in a climate where it can get extremely warm during the summer months so I gotta =/ watch things and with your build being in such a small case with lack of air flow. Mid tower with 3 120mm fans.... your gonna have to do something to get air moving out of the case faster or cool the room more aka turn the air condition down or your gonna have a 2k dollar paper weight. The case i use is a Mid tower so i mean they are out there just gotta look for them

    and it will cool with the best of them
  7. this would compliment your rig. Not too sure about size, though.
  8. couple of other options if noise dosent matter....

    note I tried #3 but it sounded like an airplane so had to switch to #5 for one of my case fans. Cant imagine what #1 (252cfm)sounds like... most fans this size move 80-90cfm...
  9. If you can't stand the lag, freezes, or crashes from the high GPU temps, a cheap fix (until winter comes again and you can cool the room for free) is to get a $10 small quiet desk fan, take out your case side panel and blow the desk fan into the motherboard while you game. I did this for a whole summer while living in a tripical country and it solved the Crysis, CoD crashes while running dual 9800 GTs in SLI w/OC'd E8400.
  10. First, do you have an aftermarket CPU cooler at all, or are you just using the stock cooler? If it's the stock cooler, get rid of it ASAP and replace it with one that has heatpipes. Intel LGA775 stock coolers are shite -- I've had quad-core machines in full tower cases and a single GPU overheat and shut down with no overclocking at all while using the Intel stock cooler, with much better case fans than you're talking about. Replacing it with a halfway decent CPU cooler solved it.

    In other news, 1) move the machine to a place with better airflow, and 2) get a better case if necessary. I don't care how full your computer room is or what else is in it -- you can fit a bigger machine or move it to a better place unless you're both incredibly lazy and incredibly uncreative. No need to go spending money and effort shuffling around the insides of your machine when you probably have room the cool the thing down several degrees just by thinking a little.
  11. Just get some aftermarket coolers. When I got a coolers for my 4850s the hotter one dropped from idling at 75 to idling at 55.
  12. Ok I will take all of that into consideration. Still any suggestions for what to do if I do go the w/c route because first of all I'm curious, secondly I wouldn't have to worry about overheating again at least not for a while, and last but not least w/c would look cool as hell in my case :D
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