Safe to leave fan on AUTO?

I have the XFX ATI HD 5870 and in regards to the fan settings, I have always left it on Auto (in ATI overdrive) I wanted to know if this is a safe setting. For the most part while I am gaming i notice that the fan meter rarely goes above 30% and temps can get as high as 75 degrees. So I am wondering if I should set the fan speed myself or if you guys think its ok I can leave it on Auto with the temps I am getting? Thank you
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  1. Been wondering too...

    my 5850 @ 875/4800 1.2v fan on Auto running FarCry2 is steady + stable at 81c with 36% fan speed

    Recently tried 913/4800 1.2v and it crashed out running FarCry2 benchmarks @ 87c with 44% fan

    It seems a little slow to ramp up speeds to counter temps, though not had time to mess about since that crash.

    I use GPU-z to log temps atm so I can see what is up if it crashes.

    Might try setting some Smart Cooling (has 4 setable temp levels to start Slow, Medium, Fast, Fastest) setting in SmartDoctor with my Asus card to improve things.

    Am sure this or maybe (if it does too) MSI Afterburner will work with your card too to tweak fan speeds with multiple temp stages.
  2. I use MSI's afterburner to set up custom fan settings, easy and quick to set up. On stock fan settings, my overclocked card would crash after a few minutes, but a slight bump in the fan settings made it stable.

    btw thats with my 5850 at 945/5040 @ 1.237v

    the current fan settings I use have it max at about 75c at 60%ish fan speed, and thats with furmark.
  3. Auto fan with stock clocks is what it is intended to work with. My 5870 on auto gets up to 85C in Bad Company 2, this cooks it the most. I am assuming because it is very graphic with DX11 it really gets it going. I did use MSI Afterburner to modify the fan profile a little but so it runs about 45% @ 80C so it keeps it around 75C now without being really loud. However, I never experienced any issues with auto. I am tweaking around with an overclock as well to get stable at 950/1300 at these fan settings as well.

    Stock clocks, leave the fan alone unless you are really picky. 80's are fine for any GPU. I personally worry when you get to around 90C, but some cards run hotter than others and I believe the actual thermal threshold is 120C. Over 100C the buzzers go off for me.

    75C on a 5870 is cool. What game or bench are you using to check with and what are you metering with?
  4. I will add some emphasis to Jay's post. If the card is stable, not artifacting, and not going over 90c then there should be no worries. I run my 5870 on auto with my slight OC and it runs fine, hitting the mid 80's in game. I haven't noticed much of a change with the temps from stock to the OC settings.

    I have been very impressed with my 5870's stock fan (I have a reference design Diamond model) and the auto setting seems to do just fine. There are a few things here I must note though. I do not run side panels, there is a fan blowing directly into the card from the front of the case (antec 300), and the room stays around 70 - 72 degrees f.

    I would advise testing to see how your temps are across a wide variety of games (unless you only play one) in order to assess how it will behave in most scenarios a bit better.


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