How to remove contents in a read only memory card(micro SD) used in mobiles

How to delete contents of a read-only memory card(micro SD) used in mobies
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  1. You can try using an adapter and put in a PC's card reader and make the changes from there. it may aslo be impossible - see link below.
  2. If you took that card out of Windows Phone (the new ones), there's almost no way to reuse it (one of the reasons they are called SD, Secure Digital).
  3. Old one but as I face the issue now, it's still actual.

    1. What says Alabalcho make no sense. 1st, it require to know WHY it is read only. Manual or software action ? or spontaneous change ?
    2. If software or manual change, there's many ways of getting back to read-write. Just google it
    3. If the content of the card has been encrypted, it's another game
    4. SD and micro-sd cards are not reliable ! I face it often. My latest experience: a brand new 128GB microSD. 1st days, I copied 75GB of music in it. Then I put it in my media player. works once. Then, files could not be read anymore. Put back in my Mac: It's read-only... I tried all the possible workaround, none worked. Windows, Mac OS X, Debian, MicroSD to SD Adapters (multiple), USB readers (multiple), no issue. I end up sending it back to the provider for replacement, as proposed by Transcend here:

    So if your SD or MicroSD card is all of a sudden read-only and you didn't take any action for it, and you're sure it's not a "Lock" accidently engaged on your adapter or your card, then don't lose time, and send make it replaced. Many of them have Lifetime Warranty.
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