Three monitor Eyefinity or Single Good monitor?

I was testing the new Unigine Heaven Benchmark on my two older 1440x900 monitors and I found that with both of the monitors with high shaders, normal (or moderate not sure) tesselation, dx11, 2 AA , and 4 AF I was getting around 10-15 FPS with tops around 17. Is this pretty bad for an ATI 5770 (with the latest drivers of course)? It seemed pretty jumpy to me. When I used just one of my monitors with the same graphics except with 4 AA and 8 AF I got around 15-25 FPS. Is this good or still bad? It looked a lot better to me then.

So this comes to my real question. I plan to crossfire my 5770 and then get 3 24" 1080p monitors and hook them up with Eyefinity. Will I be able to play new games with relatively decent graphics options and get good frame rates? I don't really want to drop $1000 dollars for 10 FPS. Should I do what I said or just go with one decent 24" to 27" (I would a get a 30" monitor but I don't want to pay $1500 for that)? If I go for Eyefinity I wouldn't be able to get it until around November.

I don't really plan on playing any first person shooters atm, I am more a strategy and RPG guy myself . The games I want to get/play on eyefinity is Dirt 2, Supcom 2 (does it support dx11?), and Oblivion. Is Dirt 2 and Supcom 2 graphics intense games with just a single monitor? How would they fare with crossfired 5770s in eyefinity? Are there any games that are coming out that are going to be really graphically intense?

I am really not sure what to do and I don't want to spend good money for it to just end up horrible looking or really choppy. No matter what though I am going to still crossfire my 5770.

Thanks for any help and suggestions.
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    Oblivion will run at 40-60fps total maxed out at 5760x1080 and two 5770's. I think it might run the same settings with one 5770 because when I tested it a few months ago there was supposedly no crossfire support with eyefinity.

    Dirt 2 will be 30-35fps I think, absolute maximum settings.

    I have tested both of those at 5040x1050 with crossfired 5770's and I also tested them with a single 5770. Amazingly, the single 5770 runs them pretty well if you drop down a level of detail.

    Your choppiness problem needs to be addressed first tho. Just do what is needed and save your important stuff, format the hard drive and reinstall windows.
  2. jennyh said:
    Your choppiness problem needs to be addressed first tho. Just do what is needed and save your important stuff, format the hard drive and reinstall windows.

    It was only choppy because it was 9 FPS, it has been the only game-like thing I have encountered that I didn't have 30+ FPS (most games I am getting around 70 or so), but then again I haven't played any newer game recently. I'm pretty sure the Heaven benchmark is one of the more graphical tasking programs out there besides photo and video editing (correct me if I am wrong).

    Are you sure there is no crossfire support for Oblivion? It says on it's website that it is waiting for a driver from ATI, but it seems they haven't updated that site since then either. Also could I be able to run Qual's texture pack three for Oblivion or do you not know what that is?

    Otherwise your other info was very helpful. Thanks.
  3. When I tested eyefinity at first there was no crossfire support in any game, but Oblivion ran great anyway. I do mean absolute maximum, including 8xAA at 5040x1050.

    I've heard of the texture pack but I haven't tried it.
  4. You are probably interested in DA: Origins too, in which case you'll be surprised to know it runs on max settings except 4xAA with a single 5770 at around 30fps, 5040x1050 again.

    With crossfired 5770's it was 52fps+, but it suffered a bit from microstutter.

    Eyefinity is amazing beyond anything btw, but it still has bugs in a lot of games - most games tbh. If you can afford to throw cash around it's a great thing but I wouldn't recommend anybody spends money on it hoping it will be perfect with every game.
  5. I will back up jennyh - you have to at least try eyefinity to see this new experience. Even the pictures I showed of the setup to friends wowed them.

    Then you decide if this is what you want. I dropped back to a single monitor because of the space three monitors takes, the power cords and cables needed to make this run.

    But its like Xfire - some games work with it and some do not - eyefinity takes it to a new level - you will pull your hair out, but once it works you will say wow.....
  6. I use my single screen most often because of the niggling little bugs with eyefinity in the games I'm playing currently.

    It probably doesn't suit me all that well because I'm not really into shooting/driving games, which clearly work much better than the rest.

    If you play WoW, Lotro or any MMO chances are eyefinity will be amazing for you. WoW especially is totally perfect with eyefinity and has to be played to be believed.
  7. Was DA with the crossfired 5770s at 4 AA or 8 AA? What exactly is microstutter? Also all of the games that you tested were at 5040x1050 not at 1080p right? How much FPS with 5760x1080 be lowered compared to 5040x1050?

    I am not really a MMO kinda of person, I like more strategy and RPGs. I know WoW is an RPG, but I don't really want to pay $15 a month. I might get into MMOs someday, but right now I am not that interested. I have heard good things about Dirt 2 and it has DX11. It will actually be my first racing game on a PC.

    Like I said, I won't be getting my Eyefinity set-up until around November, do you think most bugs with Eyefinity will be worked out by November with drivers and patches?

    Is there any place where they have an Eyefinity set-up like best-buy or micro center?

    Otherwise thanks for all your help.
  8. I ran DA at 4xAA but I dont think 8xAA hurt it all that badly.

    It's hard to tell when the bugs will be fixed tbh. I was a bit annoyed at Mass Effect 2 not having eyefinity support tbh but yeah it should be a bit better by november.
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  10. Well like I said, thanks for all of the help. I guess I got my answer to go for three TN panel monitors instead of a single IPS monitor.
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