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Hello everyone I was just wondering how to overclock my 660ti card right. All I am doing is opening up the msi afterburner and putting up the memory clock, core clock and maxing out the power limit. Should I be using the core voltage slider or anything? If so how much should I put it up? I have a FX-8350 GTX 660ti msi power edition with the triple overvoltage thing and a 800w PSU by corsair the GS series. Thanks
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    In msi afterburner, if you can go 150 power target doesnt mean your card can handle it, follow this process: Setup your fan High or a custom fan curve so your temp stays within 80c then increase the power target from 100 to 120 and then increase 20mhz or 30MHz more base clock and 50mhz more memory speed. Play highest quality games an hour, if its stable then repeat the process till its not, then again increase the power target 10 more if still crash than 10 more if still crash than go back to last stable overclock, from their you can try push more by increasing the memory 50MHz or 100MHz more if it doesnt crash fine or go back, thats your cards best overclock. Every card even same chip/make oc different. Remember kepler boost is auto based on thermal , power & Base clock. There for say if you can do 1100MHz base in real gaming time it might bosst to 1300MHz+ provided your card can handle. heres one example,3279-11.html Hope this helps
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