Just Cause 2 : Benchmarks

Specs in Sig: Except for the Graphic cards, 1 of my 5870s is packed up for the draw and the other is at my cousin's house because his 5850 died.

I am playing the game on my 40" TV, 720 (1360x768)

**Update** I forgot to say that my CPU clock isn't at 4.02GHZ ATM, its a 3.4 GHZ due to me running more passive cooling now.

Drivers Used are 197.25 BETA

The graphic card tested is a 260 GTX MaxCore @ Stock:

The Dark Tower


Desert Sunrise


Concrete Jungle


The 260 GTX MaxCore @ 657Mhz Core, 1150 MHZ Memory, 1550 MHZ Shaders:

The Dark Tower


Desert Sunrise


Concrete Jungle

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  1. I take it you need the game to run this benchmark?
  2. Try the demo, I'm not sure if the Demo has it or not though:P
  3. Ok I'll try it :)
  4. That game (IMO) is absolutely crap. Its insanely boring. The only aspect I liked was flying.

    The graphics are piss poor, the AI is retarded. The mission objectives are terrible.

    Oh BTW the demo does include a benchmark.
  5. I actually didn't mind the game, very exciting, open world. and plays like most open world games.

    The graphics are def not crap. I've seen crappier. THis game def looks better than COD mw 2 hands down. That game has the most over rated graphics in the world.
  6. well each to there own i guess.
  7. Okay, I have a BFG GTX 260 MaxCore 55 OC edition, and at stock on Dark Tower I get like 27 avg FPS with the same settings. I'm just wondering if we have the same card and if mine is just sucking.
  8. Yup same card watbcpu u runnig and wat drivers?
  9. Core i5 750 @ 4GHz and the latest 197.13 nvidia driver.
  10. See I have a i7 which has the stupid hyper threading , in other words fake extra 4 cores which for some reason with sandbox games it's loved...
  11. Same Resolution too? Wow, I would be quite surprised if a game showed that much improvement going from 4 faster cores to 4+4 slower cores.
  12. Its funny too cuz my i7 wasn't 4.02 GHZ clocked, it was 3.4 ghz during the test.Weird though....hmmm

    Did you double check the benchmarks and see if you have v sync on?

    Can u take screen shots? Using Fraps, cuz print screen doesn't work:)
  14. Yes.

    MW2 graphics are the most over rated graphics ever. BF BC 2 is way better. Better Vistas, effects and huge ares. Same with this game. Great draw view, alot of forest detail. Nice speed effects.

    Although the graphical setting in MW2 is much better, the graphics itself isn't
  15. to me MW2 have nice graphic but it is not the best i've seen around. the way i see it the game graphic does not have much difference with COD4 (well at least for me). but still both game have nice graphic. too bad i can only play BFBC2 in dx10 mode :p

    based on my experience i like MW2 better than BFBC2 both in gameplay and graphic :D
  16. BF2 plays more like a sim, while COD is an arcade fps.
  17. Definitely apples and oranges, cod and bf2.. I haven't played CoD ever since BF2 came out, but I've got bigger gripes with BF2 than CoD.. namely how survivable people are (unless you get the mgnm upgrade?) Seems like it takes a full clip for me to kill one person without. I'm kind of itching for some CoD action though now :D
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