Bezel Correction?

How is bezel correction supposed to be configured? Is it supposed to be it stops at the end of the bezel on one monitor and then picks up immediately so if the bezels split down the letter "d" it would be like a "c" on one monitor and then a "l" on the other? Or are the bezels to be configured as pixels you aren't seeing like if you take the word 'dip" the bezels would be split down the middle of that word so that it show "c" and then half of an "i" and then the letter "p"?

Thanks for any help.
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    Second one.

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  3. As you are the only one that answered you get the best answer to further along your rank. To me though with the second option it just seems weird because I am not getting the whole image, it is divided by the bezels. This is why I should get three monitors for eyefinity to not have all of the action divided by the two bezels.
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