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So I've confirmed that my motherboard in my new PC is fried, which really sucks as I shelled out extra cash to pick up an Asus Rampage III Extreme and have it crap out a couple of days after the purchase. My options right now are as follows:

Option 1) RMA the board. I have no idea how much this would cost me, not counting shipping. I don't even know what exactly the Asus Warranty covers (their website doesn't explain much and the manual says nothing at all. This is what they have to say about it, taken directly from their website.

ASUS manufacturer’s warranty is a limited warranty. Hardware, manufacturing, or power related issues are covered under this limited warranty. This limited warranty does not cover any third-party software applications and or programs; non-ASUS products and or non-ASUS branded peripherals.

ASUS guarantees that the product you have purchased is free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use during the Limited Warranty Period. You are entitled to a hardware warranty service if a repair is required within the limited warranty period.

During the limited warranty period, ASUS will, at its sole discretion, repair or replace any defective component. All spare-parts or module removed under this limited warranty become the property of ASUS.
Warranty service does not include

-New retail box replacement
-Upgrades or model changes

Would a fried motherboard count under hardware/power related issues?

Option 2) I just head out and buy a new motherboard. The only problem with this option is that I already spent so much on the first one, I can't feasibly get a second one of the same level. I'm looking at an Asus Sabertooth (and I was looking at that originally before I found a much cheaper vendor that allowed me to upgrade to the R3E without raising the final price of the comp that much compared to the other vendor). It's pretty much the best board available that fits into my budget, and although I will miss the 3rd and 4th PCIe 2.0 slots on the R3E, I don't actually need them (Currently using a single GTX 460, just picked up a second yesterday. I doubt I will upgrade from this for a long time, besides MAYBE getting a physX card if more games supporting it come out and I want to play them).

The waiting for the RMA means nothing to be honest, what matters is which one will be cheaper? I can get a Sabertooth locally for just shy of $250, taxes included. My worry is that what happened to my board (don't know what, but it seems to be fried) won't be covered by Asus' warranty and they will basically ask me to buy another one.

Your thoughts?
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  1. 'How' have you determined a 'bad MOBO'? I've seen R3E be VERY picky about RAM, and with RAM have issues with i7 980X.

    Gaming, I always use EVGA but have no issues with ASUS nor the R3E. The R3E is about as good as it gets assuming it's built correctly and used with Certified or Tested components; QVL.
  2. How? I've tested every part and they all work, except for the motherboard. The ram works on a friend's motherboard (a gigabyte UD3R), as does the graphics card (EVGA GTX 460), CPU (i7 950), hard drive(WD 500GB Caviar Black), etc. Power supply (Corsair AX1200) is also good (having tested it with a multimeter, all the voltages are correct). The only other reason why niether the case power button nor the motherboard power button wouldn't do anything is that the motherboard is fried.

    Besides that, I've had it looked at by the same friend, who works in circuitry, and he confirms that the board is fried.

    If it was a RAM issue, the board would at least show signs of powering up, followed by an error beep code. None of which happens, and the RAM doesn't appear to have any problems either.
  3. When I said 'picky' I indeed meant picky, what EXACT RAM? If you overlooked a power connection: e.g. DUAL 8-pin, 4-pin PCIe power and DUAL 6-pin to the GTX 460, a short via the I/O Shield or poorly installed stand-off.

    If it were 'me' I would pull the MOBO and fully breadboard. While I appreciate the UD3R liking the RAM it has zip to do with the R3E.

    The R3E is not your typical MOBO and requires proper set-up. If ALL of the power connections are not made the MOBO will NOT post!
  4. I forgot to mention the thing worked for about a week before it died, so it didn't have a problem with the RAM.

    Like I said, it's NOT the RAM.
  5. Yeah, well RAM is only one tiny part of what I mentioned. Next I mentioned power, shorting, and breadboarding. If you had a short then the 'short' could have ruined the MOBO; assuming still that's it's a dead MOBO.

    Your R3E would be the first 'dead' R3E board I've run across.

    If your goal is to rant the ASUS then that's fine, my interest is to see if it can be resurrected. Assuming 'it's' the problem. A bad CPU can also seem just the same, and I'll assume the PSU is okay.
  6. PSU is ok, I checked all the voltages using a multimeter, they are running properly. CPU works as well. I did not breadboard it, as I don't happen to have one. It's probably a short, I found some screws where they shouldn't have been the first time I opened the case, they might have touched the board and shorted something.

    That being said, I'm going to RMA the board, supposedly there aren't any costs involved other than shipping. What I had wanted was the communities' opinions on if my board would have cost anything to RMA, other than shipping, and whether it would be cheaper to just buy a new board rather than RMA the old one.
  7. The R3E is under warranty, so the replacement expense is $0 (zip).

    Otherwise if you 'exchange' e.g. with Newegg then my vote would be for the EVGA 141-GT-E770-A1
  8. Thanks for the info, that's what I wanted to know :)
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