8 gigs of memory issue on GA-890GPA-UD3H

I am having troubles installing 8 gigs of ram on the gigabyte motherboard GA-890GPA-UD3H. I can install 6 gigs no problem but when I load all 4 dims with the Corsair memory I receive the blue screen of death. I am running windows 7 x64 with Phenom 2 x4.

Is anyone else running into this problem?

P.S. I have the most updated drivers available for the mobo and softwear.
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  1. Are the dimms all identical? If not, are you installing paired dimms in slots of the same colour?
  2. I have the same board. Just bought it yesterday with a Phenom II X6 and 8gb of Corsair XMS3 1333 DDR3 - 4 2gb chips. I can't get my system to boot without a beep code unless I put one dimm in slot 4 and that's it. I updated to the F6 BIOS and I really don't want to update to the F7B Beta bios. Any advise on the matter would be helpful.
  3. Update - Got 3 of the DIMMs working by upping the voltage. First 2 Dimms at 1.605, then 3 Dimms at 1.65. No go yet on the 4th DIMM.
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