Asus M4A78T-E 4770 Crossfire

I am a noob when it comes to building my own computer but i want to know if 2 xfx 4770's would fit crossfired on this board? And if so how would i go about doing that (which PCI Express slots would i use). Based on videos it looked like it would be a tight fit.
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  1. It won't let me edit so sorry for the double post but here is a image of the Motherboard
  2. Is this your model M4A78T-E ?
    It has two pci-e slots that will operate at 8x 8x.
    TH did a article on crossfire 4770's,2288.html

    I took a look at the manual at Asus site, the blue and the black are your graphics slots.
  3. Your motherboard has plenty of space between the PCI-E slots, so you'll be fine.
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