Optical audio desired, socket found, accessories want

Bought this puppy from Biostar...

... and the manual mentions that it has an SPDIF connection for optical audio. It's along the bottom of the board, just west of the front panel jumpers for the power and HDD LEDs.

I've found lots of audio cards at NewEgg, but seems like all I need is a jumper and an optical jack to push through the case somehow. Any ideas?
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    I'm confused, the only connection is the 'S/PDIF-OUT Header' which in turn connects to an optional PCIe card {I assume the Deluxe version of your MOBO}; without the PCIe Card it's useless. Also, since your MOBO HDMI output -- if that's used then it would more than likely disable the ANY audio out.

    If you purchase a Dedicated Sound Card then I would recommend the HT | OMEGA.

    Otherwise -
    S/PDIF Cable
    Part NO. :
  2. Yeah, I guess I'm confused as well.

    What you're saying is that the header connects to a card. All the cards I see have a PCI connection, which I imagine would obviate the need for the header.

    The cable you have found looks like a panel that connects to the jumper, which is what I wanted. I'll have to drop BIOSTAR a line I guess. Hope that if I connect it the audio isn't disabled on the front.

    I have a set of Tritton AX360 surround-sound headphones that I want to hook up on the optical, but I want to be able to put any old headset into the front ports on occaision as well.

    Here's the FAQ on their S/PDIF connector. Can't see the pic at work, but from the sound of it it will do what I want.
  3. Yes, the solution is to get either that accessory or a new sound card. Yes, I read the header info on page 17 of the manual before my first post.

    Oops {I reread your reply - ignore}:
    The link I provided above offered the PCI S/PDIF Cable that does connect to the header. See 4th row down.
  4. For $10, I'll try the accessory. Especially since my graphics card covers a whole extra PCI slot. Thanks!
  5. I agree, Good Luck! :)

    Let me know how it works.
  6. Success! Got it in the mail on Friday from eBay. Dropped it into a PCI panel on the back and clipped the cable into the jumper on the MOBO and SUCCESS! Instantly had Dolby out to my headset. Could not run audio to the analog ports simultaneously, so there'll be a bit of fiddling back and forth but, hey, directional audio for $10. BIOSTAR gets serious props on the ease of this upgrade.
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