X4 925 C2/ C3 revisions

Hello everyone

I want to ask you what are the differences between these 2 revisions on this CPU, because I ordered a CPU (discounted because the packaging was opened by a previous buyer that returned it after that) and the seller told me it's C3, but actually it's C2.
Is it so important as to send it back or should I keep it with the 15% discount it came with?
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  1. C3 is just the next stepping. Minor bug fixes and some voltage tweaking. Because of the voltage tweaking, it typically overclocks a touch better and uses a touch less power . It's not a show stopper having C2 and certainly not worth paying 15% more cost.
  2. The PC is for gaming but my monitor tops at 1280*1024, and the GPU that i'm planning on getting will be an HD 5770.
    So i guess the difference in overclocking will not be that important because the GPU will hold it back anyway...right?
  3. Defiantly, with the 925 you wouldn't be holding back the 5770, also for the price you paid. Return it. It really isn't worth an open box and especially a C2. Not saying the C2 is terrible. But say I account my 955, it was 160, in my state the tax IS HIGH! its 10% so I'd be getting a 5% ACTUAL reduction. So the price you paid. Not even close to worth it. Return and get an unopened one. Also, just to say my results. I've had great sucess with the C3 stepping. From a C2 550 to a C3 it overclocks much better. In my opinion.
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