XP MCE and XP Pro file sharing problem

Here's my issue... My toshiba with XP MCE can see and access all my shared folders on my network. Problem is when I try to access shared folders on this system. It is not a vista or 7 issue as I only have one box running 7. The rest of them are XP Pro with exception of this toshiba. When I try to access a share folder under XP MCE on this toshiba from one of my XP Pro machines I get a permissions error. I have tried:

- Unsharing and resharing the folders on the Tosh
- Setting share permissions to full control for Everyone
- Adding special hidden users just to access the share that has the same login as the other machines
- Specifically adding these hidden users to the share permissions list with full control
- Checked my workgroup name a hundred times
- Checked my IP settings a hundred times

My guess is that I'm probably missing something simple here as that's usually the case. Were there ever any issues between MCE and Pro? I don't recall hearing about any but anyway. The issue exists here for me regardless. Thanks in advance if you want to assist!
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  1. Did you mention turning off firewalls while establishing a new connection ?
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