What screen?

Hey, i have an Nvidia GTS 250 1GB, and i want to buy an HD 1080p screen but im pretty clueless....

Any ideas from the gaming community? thanks :kaola:
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  1. go with ASUS or Samsung

    what size do you want?
  2. For under $300 you can get a 28" I-INC monitor. That's what I am currently using.
  3. I'd recommend a 1920 x 1200 model


    It's kinda at the upper limit size wise for a 1920 screen .... at normal sitting distances, you can start to notice individual pixels at about 96 PPI (pixels per inch) ...below 85 it starts to get obvious......the above model has 87 ppi....at 27" and larger, image starts to look grainy.

    27 = 84 ppi
    28 = 80 ppi
    30 = 75 ppi
  4. Right now tiger direct has the 28" i-inc 1920 x 1200 monitor for $299.

  5. well i have an alienware pc, and id like to get a big screen, u think 32inches is too big? also has to be a tv not a monitor :)
  6. I use a 42 incher. a lg 42lh30 which has recieved good reviews for it's price and amazing color accuracy. I"m sure the 32inch model will be very similiar to mine.
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