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so, im looking at buying a new case and would like some recomendations.

Things Needed:

Room for 3 way SLI, prefered 8 slots or more.

Full tower

realy good air cooling with filters (using 3 gtx480s)

good cable management or room to hide cables.

Wide enough to fit the thermalright 120 in.

MOBO i will be using is ASUS p6x58d-e

Prefered toolless but not a must.

Price limit 350.

Right now im using an antec 900 and its been a great case but I want something different with more room for this build.

Right now im looking at the lian-li pc-p80
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  1. antec 900
    oh wait you dont want that :)
    corsair obsidian 800d maybe?
  2. I'm a big fan of the pc-p80. Looks really nice!

    You cna also take a look at the Cooler-master HAF series. I'm not a big fan of the look but I know alot of ppl who love them!
  3. shovenose said:
    antec 900
    oh wait you dont want that :)
    corsair obsidian 800d maybe?

    Yea i dont want another one maily becuase i already have one, and i want more room for expansion. Ive read tha tmy mother board design has issues with 7 slot cases with 3 way and quad SLI.

    Do you know if the antech 1200 has filters? I think its a 7slot case too though but im no aposed to moding a case a little as long as its not a major hack up job needed.
  4. Look into the ATCS 840. I'm wrapping up my first build, and that's the case I went with. My mobo is the same as yours as well, and my cooler is the Noctua NH-D14, which is larger than the TRUE 120, and fit in that case without any problem.

    I'm only using one GPU, so can't comment on fit issues with 3 cards, but the case certainly seems to have room for it.

    The removable mobo tray was fantastic; I imagine my first build would not have been as easy as it was without this feature, especially trying to mount such a large CPU cooler. I also found cable management features quite good.

    Good luck!
  5. Obsidian all the way
  6. If you are already looking at the Lian-Li PC-80 then its difficult to divert your attention.. It's a really beautiful and purposeful case.. Go for it..

    P.S. - Any reasons except the cost in not selecting the Asus R3E..??
  7. Well im going to go with the HAF X 942.

    Thanks guys.
  8. An excellent case for its price
  9. HAF X is probably your best choice. 800D would be terrible unless watercooling.
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