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Foxconn A9DA mobo

Hello all, the newbie is back again for answers and advice :na: Ok I come to you all today to find out if this mobo im planning on buying is good for Crossfirex. And yes I know it says it supports x-fire but alot of them do, and 90% of them have the second PCIe slot running at 4x bandwith when crossfireing. But I dont want to buy a 300$ gpu to only get 1/4th of its computing power!

So my question; does this specific foxconn mobo have 2 PCIe x16 2.0 that both run at x16 while x-fired or are the specifications missleading? Am I being paranoid about mobo's that have the second slot running at x4 does it really matter? I've read from sites that the difference between x-fire gpu's running at dual x16/x16 slots have no difference than x8/x8 (except at very high resolutions, like 2560x1200) but I am wondering if this board is infact dual x16/x16.

Thanks for all your guys help really appreciate it. If you have any suggestions on if I should look into a diff mobo or w/e feel free to do so.

P.S. I plan on crossfireing an HD 5830 with a 5870, just incase anyone is wondering.

AMD 955 Black edition OC 3.7 Ghz
ADATA DDR3 1600 OC 1770
Eagle Voltas 600 watt PSU
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    I have this board, and I am using both x16 slots. My 5770 GPU reports that it is running with 8 lanes. The other slot is being used by an x4 RAID card (a terrible waste, I know...). So I conclude that the marketing is misleading, and this board in fact runs at x8 / x8 when two GPUs are installed. A quick check at the AMD website confirms that this chipset does not support x16 / x16.
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  3. Thanks for the info :) ill just have to shell out the extra doe for one I know is x16/x16
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