Only memory stick is seen what would be the problem?


I have a problem with my "new" MB
Whenever I stick memory in anything other than DIMM1 & 2 it will not post it gives me C1 error

I have Sapphire pure (PC-AM2RD790) board and 2 sticks og Crucial 6gb DDR2 800 ram (CT256664AA800.y16F)

If I put 1 stick in DIMM1 I get 2GB of ram and on boot I see "CPU0 memory, 2GB DDR2 800Mhz unganged 2T"
If I add 1 more stick to DIMM2 it boots but only memory in DIMM1 is seen.
If I put second stick in DIMM3 or 4 it won't post with C1 error.

I tested memory, eiher sticks work fine by themseves, but MB won't recognize them together.

I'm running defaults with phenom II X4 940 cpu.

Can anyone help please?
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  1. Try running memtest to see if you get error on each dimm slot otherwise the dimm slot might be faulty.
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