Will adding more ram lessen render time in after effects?

I currently have 4gb of 1600mhz ram, and a x4 athlon 635 (2.9ghz).
I'm an editor and use programs such as Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas. I know sony vegas utilized more so my cpu (think i should get a new cpu?), but after effects uses memory more so i beleive, and render times are still rather long.

Do you think after effects is utilizing all my memory? Do you think If i get more ram the render time will decrease? Thanks, reply asap.
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  1. Get a ram monitoring program , and check if there is less then 200 left when your are in the middle of rendering , it only gets slowwer if it needs to use page file , so if there is less the 200 left , you could get mroe ram, { if u have a 64x Os ofcoarse}
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