ASUS Rampage III Formula.. Fan Connection info needed

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Having some trouble finding out what type of Fan Headers are on the Asus Rampage 3 Formula board. Everyone just says "Fan headers" and doesn't say if any are 3 pin or 4 pin that I can use fan control on. Can anyone help me clarify this? Also, how many pins are on the CPU HSF fan header?
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  1. You have one 4 pin fan header that should be used fro HSF.
    The other 6 or 7 are 3 pin only.
    Check the manual, anyway...
  2. I don't have the manual to check as I haven't bought it yet :D
    Waiting for the Vikings to shut down Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson to catch a TD tonight to win the big pot in my league to pay for it lol

    With the 3-pin fans, I have no way of controlling the speed if they don't have built on switches, correct?

    Thank you tho for the info
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