Strange black border problem

I'm using a 5850 along with an LG W2353V. Everything has been fine for a while and I've been running Windows 7 in 1080p with no problem. Suddenly, I get a black border of about one inch around all sides of the active display. I've tried uninstalling the catalyst 10.3 drivers (using driver sweeper) and rolling back to 10.2, but that doesn't fix the problem.

I can change the resolution or refresh rate, but I always have the border. The monitor itself has a really terrible menu/options system, but I've gone through most of it and there really isn't anything that has helped.

Does anyone have any advice? I'm really stumped on this...I am using HDMI, not DVI, and this is the first problem i've had since I built the machine a few months ago.
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  1. Check the "scaling" settings in Catalyst control center and make sure you are scaled or zoomed to 100%.
  2. Boy I feel like a noob. I didn't realize CCC had scaling options...had to right click on my display and select a separate set of menus.

    Anyways, I did find the option and that cleared it up. Thanks a million!
  3. No problem man. Its an easy thing to miss. :-)
  4. Where can I find the scaling option? I do not see it anywhere. Thanks
    Using a 5770 HDMI Win 7 64 bit.
  5. Found it. Thanks
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