Which ram?

I am going to be getting the i5 2400k or i6 2500K (sandy bridge) around the 9th january when it comes out.
However im currently using ddr2 ram, so along with a 1155slot motherboard, i need new ram. I want a minimum of 4gb, and am currently running 32bit, though might to to 64bit soon. Im also looking for 1600mhz+ ram.

I might eventually want to overclock the cpu, though the K edition has unlocked cores, so i wouldn't need to overclock the ram right? Also, i need 2 ram dimm's as each core on intel cpu needs half a channel of ram. However, if windows 32 bit only uses 4gb, it would only be using one stick if i got 2x4gb, so would that mean that the cpu doesnt get the 2 ram dimm's it needs?

Also, does the speed really matter if i wish to overclock with unlocked cores? However, 1600mhz is only a little extra, so i might as well get it.
So here are the choices:

4gb of dual channel memory, 1600mhz and only $60. Not such a well known brand.

Good kit, good brand, 4gb of 1600mhz ram.

Good kit like above with a good brand, 8gb of 1600mhz ram for use in the future.

Slighlty cheaper then the G-Skill brand, not as well known brand.

4gb of 2000mhz ram. More expensive then the good brand ram, but faster.
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  1. First select the motherboard then the RAM.
  2. mosox said:
    First select the motherboard then the RAM.

    Have to agree. Easier to answer if you provide a MoBo.
  3. Ill be getting one of the p67 mobos, one of the cheaper ones around 100-150 Australian dollars.

    If i got the 2x2gb 1600mhz g.Skill Ripclaws, would they most likely work?
    That way i can spend $150 on mobo and $310 on sandy bridge.

    Also does 1600mhz make much noticable diffrence in video rendering compared to 1333mhz? I know it will be handy for overclocking with locked cores, though ill get a K edition sandy bridge, so i could save money and just get 1333mhz?

    Right now i was thinking of getting http://www.mwave.com.au/sku-37140433-G_Skill_4GB_(2x_2GB)_Dual_Channel_Kit_PC3_12800_(1600MHz)_DDR3_240_pin_DIMM_Unbu

    If i get it tommrow while its cheap, i can spend more on sandy bridge.
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