AMD build for my "nerd nest"

This november ill be moving into a new house with my very own "nerd nest". :bounce: I Want to build a new gaming rig as a house warming gift but cant really decide which way i want to go. It needs to be an AMD and needs to be able to run eyefinity but other then that im open to any and all imput. I have an antec 900(which is more then fine)but would like to build from the all new parts. Ive gone to newegg and done a couple of cart saves but what i really want to do is find out what brands work well with other brands, What is the best case for watercooling..etc...i want 3 large lcds, i already have 2 sony 40 inch lcds just wondering if i can buy one more and use with eyefinity. Long post short, What are the best brands to mix and not have hardware issues, and can regular LCD's be used for eyefinity? Ya sorry just now read the how to post special ed.
11/10 build date
gaming>fast downloading videos>work
all part required
Id like to stick with giga or asus and XFX for video cards...also i need a good watercooling case
overclocking and crossfire, yes please
rez..what ever eyefinity uses
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  1. Well, as a qualified nerd, who is anticipating a November build, I would ...

    Wait until 6 weeks before your build to begin research ... anything you might learn between now and September will be useless info, in November.

    = Good luck with your radical digs ! =
  2. And anything you learn this year will be useless next year.
    There are always that way.
    If you wanna build your rig in October or November, don't do the searching now.It will just waste your time.
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