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Hi everyone. I haven't kept up with any of the monitors and they seem to change as fast as every thing else on the computer. The main question I had was what is the best monitor for the price. I'd like to upgrade from my 19". I don't want to suffer quality for price and I don't want to pay an outrageous price. As far as I know you need a display port to ever consider running 3 monitors (not sure if that is right)?

Whats the difference between HDMI, display ports, and DVI? Is one better than the other?

Does one monitor size (22" 23" 24") work better with resolutions then others?

If I decide to run 3 displays together can i mix the sizes up like a 24" display centered and one 19" on each side of it?
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  1. My son runs a 24" landscape with a 19" to its left in portrait well...he turns off the 19" during gaming.

    What are you looking for quality wise....if you doing image editing and color accuracy is important, TN panels are out .... the 24" Dell IPS (U2410) is the entry point and you can find specials on it very 3 weeks or so for around $530 ... the new 27" IPS at about a $1000 on special.

    HDMI brings sound with the video signal.

    Most important thing about size is matching it well w/ resolution...see the table here....for best results, keep PPI at around 96 or better.....85 is fine for movies and gaming.
  2. There is no such thing as best monitor for the price. You can get an ok 24" for $300-500 and you can get good for $500+ as Jack says

    Buy the best monitor you can afford.
    Look at them and make sure you can see the difference your money is getting you....if you dont see it dont buy it...
  3. DVI = Video only
    HDMI = Video + audio and is a patented design so manufactures must by licensing fees
    DisplayPort = Video + audio and is open source so no fees to manufacture

    All things being equal, video / audio quality should all be the same unless the manufacturer used poor quality parts.

    Best monitor depends on how much $$$ your willing to spend. My best monitor? NEC LCD2690WUXi. Purchase price? $1,200+.

    Looking for something a little more down to earth? Then that would be my Asus VK246H which I use sparing for my HTPC. Priced at around $220 - $230.

    I was looking for just a decent monitor for minimal usage, it appears to be good for gaming, but I only use for 0 - 3 hours per week. Here's my review from Dec 2008 / Jan 2009 :
  4. Thanks for the posts and links. The intended use is primarily games, web browsing, and possible drafting. Nothing that is needed for photo editing.

    The last time i purchased a monitor i spent $400 for a 19" about 5-6 years ago. I would think the market has come down a lot since then. I guess I'm looking for something with good contrast in darker areas of the games. Something that will last another 5 years. Also I don't want to make it the largest investment either for a new system build ($1000 system w/o monitor).

    I checked out Pixel Calculator site, and 1920x1200 seems popular for the wide screens. My pick of choice has been the 22, 23 or 24" wide screens. These questions came up when i seen the 23.5 and odd sizes. This made me wonder about the pixel settings.
  5. I recently go a Benq led backlit 22" monitor its 1920x1080 and teh picture is really good. Dot pitch is something you could look at to try and decide between differant displays. Smaller number =sharper picture. Look at this

  6. I've done some reading and I am learning a lot. I never realized about all the different aspects that go into a monitor. There is to much to soak in all at once. I gathered how the TN monitors have a dithering affect, and they say it can cause headaches in some people. I'm wondering if this is what cause the bad strain on my eyes and headaches when i play games.

    Something i'm confused about is if the Led monitors are completely different then TN monitors or not? Better? Worse? I'm still trying to learn a little to now a little about what I am buying.
  7. True led monitors are much better but one such as mine which is the G2222HDL has a LED back light which is meant to be better and more power efficient.
    I am seeing better image quality over my old monitor and i suspect if i had a DVI-D cable it may look better again, I'm only talking very slightly here and i am only guessing but i think there are features that cant work without the digital connection, guess i could RTFM ;) (read the ... manual).

  8. I think i'm understanding that the TF monitors usually only use 256 colors and this is why you get the dithering effect, and the higher end monitors i'm guessing have many more colors to get a more true picture with true colors. How do i know if the monitors only carry 256 colors or more? Not sure if i'm just looking in wrong place or if there is something specific that i need to be looking for.

    Is the LED backlighting more then 256 colors? As i mentions before i read how the dithering can cause headaches. So i thought about trying a better monitor provided its at a decent price.
  9. Um i think your a bit out there its considered the norm for a modern monitor to have 16.7 Million colours listed in the specs,
    Tell you what i dont know if you found this on your search for info its pretty good and covers all the main points.
    Give it a read and post back with any questions.

  10. Thanks for the sight. It helps a lot. It has a very good explanation and break down of the different types of monitors and there recommended use.
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