A year to recover??


So, my 2TB external crashed after moving everything off my laptop to move onto my new desktop. The whole partition, with all my data, gone. Gun apply to head. So I took the thing apart, inserted it into a SATA Dock, and am now running iCare to recover the partition. I have since slept and woken up, and am sitting in my underwear now with a fresh indentation of my jaw in the hardwood floor.

Currently, the scan is sitting at:
Scanned Sectors: 4708
Total Sectors: 3907030
Total Files Found: 4
Time Elapsed: 10 hrs 30 mns

By my calculation, this thing is going to be run for 8737 hours at this rate. A.k.a. two days short of a year. This is inaccurate, right? (Please?)

So, does anyone have experience with the matter? I have initialized the drive under disk management, but have done nothing else, thus far. Did I miss something? The only thing I can do yet is create a new simple volume with disk management, but from what I understand this will reformat the drive.

The SATA dock I'm using is good for "up to" 2TB, and since my drive -is- 2TB, I figured it would be fine. Should I run back to Micro Center and pick up one meant for more than 2TB?

Perhaps my laptop is just lacking? It's an Asus G73jw, so it isn't a push over. 8gb RAM, 1.73GHz processor (I know this is weak compared to most), and a GTX 460m w/ 1.5gb vRAM.
New computer will be 16gb RAM, 3.80GHz processor, GTX 680 w/ 2gb vRAM. Would cancelling the process and moving it over to the desktop make the difference, and using a direct connection to the mobo via cables rather than a SATA dock?

Help me out guys, this be stressful. Lots of stuff I'd like to rescue from this drive. :cry:
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  1. Additional info:

    HDD is a Western Digital, model: WD20EARS
    2TB Cavier Green

    Had about 1.3tb of data on it

    SATA dock is the BlacX 5G. Uses 3.0 USB which I do have a port for.
  2. Update: ended up cancelling it about 36 hours in. Going to try hooking it up directly to mobo via SATA cable.
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