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A year to recover??

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May 25, 2012 1:12:20 PM


So, my 2TB external crashed after moving everything off my laptop to move onto my new desktop. The whole partition, with all my data, gone. Gun apply to head. So I took the thing apart, inserted it into a SATA Dock, and am now running iCare to recover the partition. I have since slept and woken up, and am sitting in my underwear now with a fresh indentation of my jaw in the hardwood floor.

Currently, the scan is sitting at:
Scanned Sectors: 4708
Total Sectors: 3907030
Total Files Found: 4
Time Elapsed: 10 hrs 30 mns

By my calculation, this thing is going to be run for 8737 hours at this rate. A.k.a. two days short of a year. This is inaccurate, right? (Please?)

So, does anyone have experience with the matter? I have initialized the drive under disk management, but have done nothing else, thus far. Did I miss something? The only thing I can do yet is create a new simple volume with disk management, but from what I understand this will reformat the drive.

The SATA dock I'm using is good for "up to" 2TB, and since my drive -is- 2TB, I figured it would be fine. Should I run back to Micro Center and pick up one meant for more than 2TB?

Perhaps my laptop is just lacking? It's an Asus G73jw, so it isn't a push over. 8gb RAM, 1.73GHz processor (I know this is weak compared to most), and a GTX 460m w/ 1.5gb vRAM.
New computer will be 16gb RAM, 3.80GHz processor, GTX 680 w/ 2gb vRAM. Would cancelling the process and moving it over to the desktop make the difference, and using a direct connection to the mobo via cables rather than a SATA dock?

Help me out guys, this be stressful. Lots of stuff I'd like to rescue from this drive. :cry: 

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May 25, 2012 1:20:26 PM

Additional info:

HDD is a Western Digital, model: WD20EARS
2TB Cavier Green

Had about 1.3tb of data on it

SATA dock is the BlacX 5G. Uses 3.0 USB which I do have a port for.
May 26, 2012 4:40:13 PM

Update: ended up cancelling it about 36 hours in. Going to try hooking it up directly to mobo via SATA cable.