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I have a CQ5320F hp presario I want to upgrade the 250 watt power supply.The motherboard is pegatron m2n68-lahp Any suggestions???
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  1. Any power supply with enough wattage for your system and new components (I am assuming you are upgrading the power supply in order to support additional, more power-hungry components) by a reputable brand such as seasonic, corsair, OCZ, antec earthwatts and sparkle. Power supplies sold are ATX size. Yours is likely ATX sized. Measure it just to be sure though.
  2. What do you need the extra power for? if it's a graphics card post the name so we know how much power you will need ...
  3. The Corsair CX400:
    or if you need more power look at the Corsair VX450, TX550, TX650.
  4. NVIDIA Geforce 9800 GT 1GB PCI express video Card 1 GB This is the video card I am looking to buy. Any other suggestions, and yes thank you for your comments
  5. Yeah the CX400 or VX450 should be fine for you.
  6. Thank you Userremoved
  7. Also, the Corsair CX500 and the Corsair CX600 should work
  8. It's a 2 year old thread
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