[Solved] NTLDR is missing Press CNTRL + ALT + DEL

HELP PLEASE ! The dreaded"NTLDR" has me beat.

As soon as I switch the laptop on I get "NTLDR is missing press Ctrl+Alt+Del"to restart. I have the Recovery disc, but cannot get it to start up. Pressing any keys or sequence of keys on start up does not get me past the NTLDR is missing screen. I have tried " any key" the "R" key, F2, F12 etc. but nothing works to get the Recovery disc to run. Disc runs for a second then shuts down and the NTLDR returns.

I have read about many potential solutions to solving the NTLDR problem, but cannot get past the endless recycle of the "restart" to see if any will work.

Any suggestions and I would be extremely grateful.

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  1. Make a Linux boot CD and see if it will work with the hard-drive. The drive could be bad.
  2. Thank you kind sir for the response. Unfortunately I am a complete loser when it comes to computers and have no idea what a Linux boot CD is, or how to generate one.
    My laptop is a Toshiba with a windows XP operating system. Would anything Linux be compatible.
    Why do you think it would accept a Linux CD when it won't accept the Toshiba recovery CD
  3. A Linux Live CD will run off the CD, so you can test the hard-drive.

    There are a bunch of sites where you can download the disk image http://ftp.uni-kl.de/pub/linux/knoppix/ADRIANE_KNOPPIX_V7.0.4CD-2012-08-20-DE.iso

    Save the iso file, use a disk burning program to burn a CD from it. Make sure you select "create a disk from image" option when making the disk, do not just burn the iso file to a CD, that won't work.
  4. Stratmania said:
    HELP PLEASE ! The dreaded"NTLDR" has me beat.


    Take care, the issue may not be where you think, if you have external drive boot enabled & they have a higher priority than your internal drive, it could be your machine is trying to boot from a flash drive or SD drive you happen to have plugged in. Unplug everything to be sure.
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