Can I use JMB36x with thisa P5G4IC-M LX mobo


I have been using an Addonics 4 drive mini tower using the esata port on my P5Q3 mobo. For it to work it needs the JMB36x drivers and that mobo has them.

I have now boughta new P5G41C-M LX mobo and want tomuse that same Addonics box wth it. As the mobo does not have an esata port, I bought a PCI to esata card.

I now need to somehow get the JMB36x controllers in.

First can I do this? and 2nd does this mobo have a port multiplier facility.

I need to get this tower working with this new mobo..

Any help please?

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  1. This is on the pack of the PCI card I mention above....

    The card is A-Power PCI to Esata-Sata-IDE.
    It has VT6421 Chipset and support Raid Level 0, 1 and JBOD
    2 internal ports, 1 external (esata) but the external port is shared with the Parrallel ATA interface
    Features independent 256-byte FIFOs per channel for host reads and writes.
  2. What you essentially need is the drivers for the chipset that is on the PCI-to-eSATA card.

    You can use the DRIVER CD-ROM that should have come with your PCI-to-eSATA card purchase or download the drivers for the card from A-Power web site.
  3. Thanks..

    The drivers for that PCI to Esata card on the CD are VIA and not Silicon or JMB36x which are required for the Addonics box. That is the problem. I will contact A-Power and see if they have a driver which can be used.


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