New vidcard/mobo/ram/processor

I'm looking to upgrade a few items for my system.

I want not like top top of the line items, but ones that a good for today's computers/games that will make me be able to run codmw2 or crysis on full details with good FPS.

current setup

Vid Card; nvidia 8800gt oc
ram; 2gb ddr2
processor; amd athlon 64x2 4400+ dual core ~2.3ghz
mobo; not sure the exact type, but its the one that comes with the - AcerAspire M1100 model computer.

Im looking to upgrade these for a decent price please post what you think is the best bet, or a link to items :D ty

e/ btw running with a 23" lg 1920x1080 monitor
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  1. Well, the 8800GT should run MW2 on max settings AFAIK. As for the CPU type, I believe that the AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ uses a socket 939 motherboard. That CPU was pretty high end for that motherboard IIRC, and you couldn't upgrade much, just to a AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ which isn't worth it. You could add another video card or upgrade it, but then your CPU may bottleneck it. Only thing I can think of is get a bit more RAM.
  2. My processor isn't the greatest. I'm looking @ an i5 or i7, i want it to be a decent gaming comp mind you. vid card is out of date by a while, looking at like a 4870 or 5870 and ram i wanna get up to 6 or 8gb ddr3. not sure on mobo really. tbh
  3. No offense but junk your current rig and start over. Care to fill out the sticky up top or atleast tell us what your budget is?

    4870 and 5870 are on completely different sides of a budget so....
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