ASRock N68-S freezes on restart

Every time I reboot or restart the BIOS freezes after listing the HDA. It will not even go into Setup if I have pressed F2. I have changed the HDA and updated the BIOS but the problem still persists. The solution I use is to power down and count to 10 and apply power again and it works perfectly. So I assume the fault occurs because the disc is still spinning, anybody any ideas please?
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  1. ASRock as a brand is rubbish
    Nvidia chipsets im not a fan of either

    What PSU are you using?

    Disable IDE ports? manually set ram speed/timings (667 CL5+)? Make sure it isnt overclocked?
  2. Such useful advice above - the motherboard is rubbish LOL :ange:

    You may find a far more useful answer is turn off all of your ACPI settings in the BIOS.

    Problem now solved.
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