Cloning or resoring Image to new RAID 5 array

Need help getting a software RAID 5 array off the ground. Windows 7 64 bit machine, RAID controller is a PCI-E Syba SY-PEX40008 with 4 ports. I have three drives attached to it and in it's onboard BIOS I have no issues creating the array. BUT, when I try to restore an image from my external HDD using R-Drive Image, the startup version of that software does not see the array. So I need another plan.

What if I clone the current single disc (OS and all) onto a spare drive I have laying around, (see, I'm using the current disc with two other drives in the array) then install the array on the card but boot to the cloned spare plugged into the mobo. Will the OS disc manager see the array and the spare? If it does, then I should easily be able to clone the "spare" onto the array, right??

Need some help please.
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  1. That controller supports Windows 2000 and up and also some of the Linux distributions. I suggest you find a utility disk based on one of those operating systems to see if it includes the driver and allow you to clone the image right from the utility disk. Hiren's Boot CD used to have Ghost on it, but later versions removed it and it is XP based. See if you can find a Linux based cloning utility disk or a Ubuntu bootable CD with the drivers where you can hopefully clone the disk from.
  2. How do I get one of Hiren's discs? I found his web page, but I don't see a download or purchase option.

    Is there a reason my first idea will not work? Just curious.
  3. Anyone know where I can get one of Hiren's boot CD's??

    I would gladly pay for one, but I can't even find one.
  4. SERIOUSLY?? Isn't anyone going to chime in with some direction for obtaining one of Hiren's boot CD's. There are dozens of posts on this site that mention this "powerful" tool, yet nobody is willing to post here and help me get one.

    I just need a little help. I found Hiren's web site, but it's a jumbled mess and I don't see any information about purchasing the boot CD.
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