I7 and 3ds max configuration

I have received my new notebook asus g73jh with I7 920 and testing it with 3dsmax 2009 with a rendering task, it stacks at 1.6 ghz without using the whole proc power. Am I missing anything ?
thx in advance
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  1. Hello 3dmind;

    Your Asus G73JH uses the Core i7 720QM (1.60GHz) CPU. Core i7 720QM details
  2. you are right WR2, but it should scale up to 2.8 ghz when doing an intensive proc task like a 3d rendering.

    I saw some benchmarks and it is really fast but I don't know why I cannot make it work fine in 3ds max.

    I have another notebook (core 2 duo, 2 years old) and it renders faster!!

    I'm sure I have to set up something, but I really don't find out what.

    I'm kind of desperate and disappointed

    Any help would be appreciated!

  3. Did you have Task Manager / Performance tab open while running 3dsmax?
    Check and see how many cores are active. (it should look like you have 8 cores because of hyperthreading).
    Also check your power management settings and choose a performance option over
    Right Click Battery Icon > Power Options > Change Plan Settings > Change advanced power settings

  4. Something is wrong if an old Core2Duo can render faster than your I7. Even with the I7 probably having lower clocks, it has 2 more cores and a better architecture.

    On another note, your I7 cannot and will not turbo up to 2.8Ghz when all the cores are under load. Turbo mode was designed with single threaded performance in mind, certain cores will go idle so that others can speed up. When all cores are under heavy load, turbo can't kick in.
  5. thanks a lot. I didn't know that it won't speed up under load, but it is completely undestandable.

    I will do some more tests and get back with my that.

    But you are right, it cannot render slower than a core 2 duo.

    The only thing for sure is that I don't have the 4 cores at full load when I'm rendering.

    btw, Is there any chance to overclock the I7 in a notebook (Asus G73jh, my case) ?

    thax a lot
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