HD 4850 vs HD 5670

I'm purchasing this card for an upcoming birthday, and I'm running fairly short on time, so I cant do in-depth research on both. Which of the two cards would run games like L4D2 and Borderlands better at 1280x1024?



Thank you for your time.
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  1. The HD4850 is more powerful
  2. In terms of performance.....

    4670 < 5670 < 4770 < 4830 < 4850 & 5750 < 4870 & 5770
  3. Jaguar, good comparison, but the 4830 is weaker than the 4770.

    4650 < 4670 ~ 3850 < 3870 < 4830 ~ 5670 < 4770 < 4850 ~ 5750 < 4870 ~ 5770
  4. THats true^ the 4830 = 9800 GT, 4770 = 250 GTS if I'm not mistaken or around there atleast
  5. Correct for the 4830 = 9800GT. Close for the 4770.
    Performing between a 4830 and a 4850, it performs slightly better than the 9800GT - it more equals the 8800GTS 512mb - or slightly below the 9800GTX/GTX+/GTS250.

    I don't know why Tomshardware made a separate GPU hierarchy rank for it though - the difference is smaller than the difference between, say a GTX260 to GTX275 or 4870 to 4890.
  6. Yeah bluescreendeath- 4770 should be on the same tier as the 4850. its pretty darn close to the 4850 even though its only got 128bit memory bandwidth, but its got GDDR5. Its probably not much different in from the comparison of a 4870 and 5770.
  7. Thanks for all the replies, they were very helpful in making my decision. In terms of reliability, which brand of the 4850 would you say is the best? I've purchased two Sapphire cards in the past and was beyond pleased, is there any common problems with this particular card?

    On a side note, ATI's numbering system is extremely confusing to me, is there any sort of pattern to their system that would help me choose cards easier in the future? If not, is there an accurate website that catalogs all the specifications of cards and makes them easily comparable (like a side-by-side feature)?

    And thanks again for your time.
  8. MGSmaster101- The brand is really up to personal preference. Sapphire has been good to you in the past, go for it (it also has a pretty good reputation in general). XFX has a great warranty (at least in North America) and a great reputation. Diamond and Powercolor tend to be a little bit lower on the list in general, but if the price is better, they are generally just fine as well. Take a look at the particular cards that you have available in your price range and check reviews of their coolers and look at the warranties etc.

    As for the naming/numbering scheme, it really is fairly straight-forward, though the performance of a 5xxx vs a 4xxx series can be a little tough to tell. basically though, the higher the number the better the card, as you can see in the chart that rolli59 linked. 4890 is faster than 4870 is faster than 4850 is faster than 4770, etc. 5970>5870>5850>5770.
  9. the first digit is (5xxx, 4xxx) is the generation (the higher the later that was published if im not mistaken)
    the second (x7xx, x8xx) is the family (the higher the better or more expensive for example (4850 is better and more expensive than 5670)
    the last two is the variety...
  10. Really close, so I'll just edit your post some:
    crackedice said:
    the first digit is (5xxx, 4xxx) is the generation - The higher the number, the more recently it was released. All cards within a generation will share certain traits, such as Direct X version support.
    the second (x7xx, x8xx) is the family - These indicate where the same core GPU is used. Each family uses it's own GPU. Higher numbers indicate more powerful GPUs
    the last two (xx5x, xx7x) is it's rank within it's family - The higher the number, the more powerful the derivative of the family's GPU.

    Now, something that wasn't mentioned is sometimes a card comes along that fits in one family, but it's performance crosses over into the other family, rivaling or overtaking the bottom member of that family. Such was the case with the HD 4770. It would outperform a 4830, and in some cases could rival a 4850.

    Also, keep in mind that ATI generally moves ahead so it's x8xx family from one generation comes back the next year in a newly revised version as the x7xx family. The same can be said of all families. The revised versions basically just move down one family notch from the previous generation.
  11. Problem: HD4850 or HD5670?
    Given: 1) HD4850 = $94.99
    2) HD5670 = $119.99
    3) HD5670<HD4850
    Solution: Get HD4850
  12. RazberyBandit said:

    I only based it the choices given by the OP. Check his post.

    You see, I am not a liar. So what does that make you?
  13. I did not call you a liar. It was in reference to the content of your comment, which contains an incorrect price for all HD5670's. Sorry if "Lies" was offensive... Didn't realize you were simply quoting the price he gave for one specific card.

    Since asked, I suppose that makes me a bargain finder since I found a cheaper one that with MR is $46 less than the one the OP originally linked.

    Also, 512MB cards will perform quite well at that resolution. 1GB isn't necessary.
  14. Okay... "Lies" is offensive indeed and since it was my statement I can not help but infer I am being called a liar. And in anycase, the price is not "incorrect". It is correct but not the only correct one if you talk about all HD5670 model.

    But apologies accepted.
  15. Bluescreendeath said:
    Correct for the 4830 = 9800GT. Close for the 4770.
    Performing between a 4830 and a 4850, it performs slightly better than the 9800GT - it more equals the 8800GTS 512mb - or slightly below the 9800GTX/GTX+/GTS250.

    Slight mistake.

    The 3870 = 9600 GT
    The 4830 = 9800 GTX
    The 4850 = 9800 GTX+ < GTS 250 <4870

    But to the threaderstarter the 4850 would spank the 5670.
  16. absolutely not^ your comparing the competition and not the power of the card

    I.E 3870 is def not equal to the 9600 GT. THe 9600 GT is noticably stronger. THey are supposed to be in the same category, but the 9600 GT beats it 99% of the time, and by alot sometimes.


    9600 GT >=4670

    4830 = 9800 GT

    4850 = 9800 GTX+ (They exchange blows) < 250 GTS
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