I'm looking to build a HTPC. All I need is:

Play the following: AVI, ISO ( of DVD's) and MOV files. I have a huge collection of movies and want to watch them on my TV. Surround Sound is NOT a poriority. Neither is HDTV. I dont need/want a tuner of any kind. I'd like to control the playback of all this media using a IR Remote of some kind. I do have a spare PC, and was concidering using MediaPortal. Is there a good guideline for hardware? I have 2.5TB of data on (3) SATA 2.0 Disk drives.

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  1. Sounds like minimal requirements. A recent ATOM/ION2 or Althlon-II build ...

    ... What kind of case did you have in mind (we can build this to any factor).

    ... Budget? .... Minimal ... Just Guessing.

    = Alvin =
  2. It would help us a lot if you would follow the format found in the "How to ask for new build advice" sticky at the top of the forum. We can't really help without that information.
  3. sounds like if you have a HDMI output, your G2G, maybe not even that.

    To test to make sure the new vid card was working right, I watched a DVD on an old P4 system with a 8400gs PCI vid card

    My HTPC is a dual core AM2 @ 1.9 ghz with ATI 3200 OBG, and it does 1080p Blue rays no problem. I don't remember if I ever tested it with my 1.6ghz sigle core, but I was planning to use that one on my HTPC, and my research was sugesting it also wouold have been enough for BR

    so, what you want takes very little cpu because modern low level vid cards have been optimixed for video playback.

    The wife's laptop with intel 965g based graphics can play DVDs, but sometimes has problems with it. AVIs and MOVs have loweer requirements than DVDs
  4. Yeah ... I am running a 7600GT-OC AGP8 on this old 3.2c P4 Northwood ...

    ... I view HD 1080P all the time and could do it on 2 mons ... Latest drivers spiff it up pretty good! ... Still ... Would prefer the latest Radeon IGP ... At this point ... 'Cept I think my old gForce might be better for SD(DV-25) edit. ... I wonder ...

    = Alvin =
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