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Can anybody tell me hows the performance of Seagate Barracuda 1 TB HDD Internal Hard Drive (ST1000DM003). I got some negative reviews on it that it has some problems like:
not recognized by computer....
please reply fast I'm in need of a fast and cheap hdd and I prefer seagate over wd..
thanks in advance
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  1. Seagate tends to have great products. It is always a possibility that it could fail, but that is the same no matter which brand.
  2. thanks itzdanielp for reply. but my question is that some buyers complained that they need to install seagate s/w of some kind i don't know which to make it able to recognize by the cpu. Is it recommended by seagate or it is for only those who are facing problems????..
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    If it is software, then there is no need to install it. It is usually some sort of backup or drive help utility, and is unnecessary.

    However if it is a firmware update, then it should be installed. A lot of people look at firmware updates as "If it's not broke, don't fix it" which is fine, but I tend to run them early, instead of regretting later.
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