Crossfire HD5770 for Eyefinity

I have two hd5770 running in crossfire and I wonder if it will be enough to run decent games in eyefinity mode with crossfire enabled?

Edit #1:
Also I assume I will have to plug in all screens in first video card. But I have two DVI and one HDMI input.
Will it be ok if I use two DVI and one hdmi inputs? For crossfire and eyefinity of-course

Intel i5 750
2x ATI 5770 Crossfire
3x Mag 21.5" LCD
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  1. You cannot use dvi & hdmi at the same time. YOu need an actice DP adapter for Eyefinity.

    Also, not that many games support Eyefinity, so its not really worth the expense of 3 monitors
  2. But on games that don't work in Eyefinity, could you run 1 monitor as main gaming screen while being able to view 2 desktops on the other 2 monitors? To surf web/watch movie while playing games. Multi-tasking capability needs to be considered too.
  3. That is very possible, that's the purpose of multiple screens. But for that you will need an active DP adapter if your 5770 does not have 2 DVI ports.
  4. I have 2 XFX 5770s in crossfire. I am using 2 viewsonic 19" @ 1280x1024, flanking a 32" Samsung 1080p LCD TV @ 1920x1080. I do not have any with Displayport inputs. When I game, I enable crossfire and drop to the LCD TV, and when finished I disable crossfire and use the three displays extended.

    When I bought the first 5770, I tried for the eyefinity thing, but decided if I was going to spend any more money on an active adapter or monitor with a DP input, the money would be better spend on a second card for crossfire. I already had a capable PSU and CF supported motherboard.

    I am very happy with my decision. Until games have better support for eyefinity, I think that I am good to go.
  5. You mean eyefinity can work on different sized monitors? :o How then is the image extended to the smaller 19'' screens?
  6. Starges said:
    You mean eyefinity can work on different sized monitors? :o How then is the image extended to the smaller 19'' screens?

    Sorry for the confusion. I am not using Eyefinity. Eyefinity requires one monitor using the Displayport output, or an ACTIVE Displayport adapter. The adapter needs to be powered and uses a USB plug for power.

    I tried to use a DVI to VGA adapter, and was only able to get 2 of 3 monitors to work at the same time. Then I found out that I needed an ACTIVE DP adapter. Rather than spend $100 on an ACTIVE DP adapter or $300 on a monitor that had a DP input, I just spent $160 on a second HD 5770, so I could crossfire on one monitor, and use three displays in non crossfire.

    I have read that you can use different resolutions with Eyefinity, I am GUESSING that it will use the smallest vertical resolution of your monitor array.
  7. With the bezel width on the TV, it would be like lookin' out a backhoe while gaming. :D

    I think using just one monitor looks better. Would love to own 3 bezel-less diplays. I did make good use of the video card boxes, since box art is so popular here at Tom's.
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