Routing all fan LEDs to HAF X's LED Switch

Hello all,

I have the cooler master HAF x and I love it.
I love the LED power button. I bought 3 other LED fans (CoolerMaster StormForce 200mm Red) to mount on the side and two on the top.
I want to connect the LEDs of these fans to the LED power switch on the case. So I can turn off all the LEDs on the Case with the push of a button.
However, you can only connect one fan's LED to the male 2pin connector that's there. Is there any way of connecting 4 fan LEDs to the switch?

What I was thinking of doing was, splitting the wire into four 2pin connectors (male) and connect the fans to those connectors. Would doing this din the LEDs on the fans, or would the LED brightness stay the same?

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  1. If I'm not mistaken, the LED switch only gives the ON/OFF command and it's the mobo that gives the power to the fan and LED therefore the LEDs brightness won't be affected. If that is the case maybe you can "piggyback" or "daisychain"your 3 new LEDs with the old one like this:

    2nd 3rd 4th
    1st LED ---\-------\------\---------LED power button

    I could also be talking complete BS. :)
  2. Thank you Mojito_619, your reply was very helpful.
    I took a multimeter and tested the pins if there was any voltage, there was not.

    If that wire was to to supply power to the LEDs I would get a voltage reading correct?

    So theoretically speaking, splitting that wire for 4 fans should have no effect on LED brightness.

    I just need someone to confirm my theory and I'm set :)
  3. Splitting the wires (connecting them in parallel) will not harm any LEDs. LEDs consume very little power anyway. And your multimeter test will show voltage only when the switch is turned ON - very small voltage. Make sure that the correct voltage scale is used in the multimeter.

    Fans too are low wattage items. Your thinking is correct.
  4. Any update on this? I want to be able to control all the leds with the switch, but don't want to have to cut, splice and all that.
  5. Hey saif1994 this is very interesting topic, since I'm in the exact same position as you are. I got like 5 red LED fans, but only the front one is connected to the ON/OFF light switch. I want to do the same as you and have full control of the lights. Were you able to mod the fans/lights to do as you desire? Please share, I'm sure there are many other people that would enjoy that. Maybe even YouTube video :) XAx thanks
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