AMD athlon ii x4 635 idling at 55c?

Hi, I got an AMD Athlon ii x4 635 not to long ago and it idles around 55c with the stock cooler. I don't do any gaming it's just as soon as I start up it jumps to 47c and in a few minutes its up to 55c. When I put 75% load it goes up to 65c. I don't want to burn out my processor and am wondering if these temperatures are okay. I have one 120mm fan on the side sucking air in and one 80mm fan blowing it out. I just installed the 80mm fan today and it dropped the system temp from 40c to 32c. Should I look into buying a new case? What about a better CPU fan? Also, (I know this isn't the place) but my GPU (XFX 5750) idles around 59c. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    The temp for the GPU does not look too bad. I'd say considering the significant drop in your system temp, the case cooling is the problem.
    You don't say which case you're using. Are there any more places to add fans? Typically you'd want a fan in the front lower area and the rear upper area for good air flow.

    The stock heatsink should be up to the task. I would consider aftermarket cooling if overclocking, but not necessary for stock speeds.

    Evaluate both the fans and their location, and also any cables or other things that may be impeding air flow before buying a new HSF.
  2. Unfortunately the only place to add fans are the bottom front and bottom back. But where the fan would go in the front the front panel is covering so I'm not even sure why there's a area to mount a fan there. In the back I mounted the 80mm fan but there is another spot above that for another fan. Should I look into buying a new case. I just got this one for Christmas =(

    This is my case. Tigerdirect claims it has a a front fan port but like I said there is a aluminum plate covering it that can't be removed.

    Thanks for the help and any help in the future!
  3. I have one 120mm fan on the side sucking air in and one 80mm fan blowing it out.

    Well there's part of the problem. Positive pressure. You want equal or more air pushing out than in.

    Of course, also check your HSF mounting to ensure no problems. I would also recommend reseating the HSF with new thermal compound.
  4. Oh thanks I would never of thought about the pressure thing. This is my first time ever using fans and apparently theres a lot to learn! I think I will try remounting the HSF. Thanks for all the help. If remounting the HSF and adding a new fan doesn't work is there anything else I should do? Thanks for the help!
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