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I have appx $600.00 for a new computer which will be used only for photo editing,internet surfing, and occasional
document. either system would be connected to a 23 inch high res moniter (not part of 600.00) most important
is the best picture quality possible. noticed newegg and other places have laptops which look as though they would be almost as powerful as new build. dont know if graphics card would be better for photo quality. laptop has certain advantages due to portability however when hooked to 23 in moniter no idea how picture quality would be in comparison to desk top system
any help and thoughts greatly appreciated. my computer background (with directions can usually turn it on) thanks
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  1. well it definately depends on wat you are using it for. my brother built a computer while i bought a laptop at the exact same time. he thinks his is better and i think mine is. his computer is without a doubt more powerful, but not by much. it depends wether you want mobility or power and graphics. personaly i would choose laptop because you never know when your going to have to move around. with a computer you are stuck in one place. also buying a prebuilt laptop saves you about 4 hours of building a computer
  2. You can build a PC for $600 and OC it and it will beat most/all of the $1000+ laptops. For any serious photo/vid editing, a good PC with an AMD X3/X4 or an Intel i5/i7 build will win over a laptop.

    So, basically, if you do any serious photo editing (ie big RAW images,etc) get the PC, else a portable laptop will do. Imo, get the laptop only if you need portability.
  3. You can built a really good desktop for $600, and the 23-inch screen is awesome. I personally have a 25-inch, and I could never go back!

    I'd have to suggest the desktop unless you really think you need the portability. Getting a good laptop usually takes about $1,000 (Lenovo or ASUS FTW) and even then, they don't last as long and it's not going to be as fast.
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